Tour style

With close to 40 years experience in leading walking holidays around the world, we find that our small group tours attract like-minded people. Guests bond easily and after tours they often create reunions, celebrations and friendships, many of them life-long.

Our tours are active with regular half and full day walks. Aside from walking, we also spend time meeting local people, tasting regional food and immersing ourselves in the culture and history of a place. Our flexibility enables us to adapt to the likes, dislikes and agility of our travellers, and changing situations such as weather and unforeseen circumstances. In most locations, we stay 2-3 nights and sometimes longer. This allows us to slow down, unpack our bags and enjoy the local atmosphere at different times of the day. Accommodation is comfortable, unique plus locally owned and operated where possible.

Our guides are dedicated, informative people who share their passion and knowledge on local history, culture, wildlife & topography. Our journeys are designed to safeguard the ecosystems; benefit the communities we visit and contribute to the sustainability of destinations. Travel is a chance to change your perspective. Nature always provides a new view if we take the time to look.

Serendipity of travel

Our guides will work 24/7 on your behalf to make sure that we are doing all we can to ensure your enjoyment. We have planned an intimate adventure, but adventure cannot be guaranteed. If indeed it could then it would lose its appeal.

Though we do the best we can to plan a smooth journey, sometimes things change at short notice. Some things may take longer than anticipated, transport and accommodation arrangements may alter, and you may experience occasional shortcomings and be frustrated by the ‘mañana’ attitude; at other times you will be amazed by local efficiency. Tour itineraries may need to be modified but this is done so with your needs in mind and to provide the best tour experience.

So, be flexible, surprised and delighted with the serendipity that comes from being open to the unexpected. Your enjoyment of this journey is ultimately up to you.

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